Post independence constitutional development in nigeria pdf

Part three will deal with the issues and problems in human rights provisions of the constitution. The nigerian independence constitution of 1960 oldnaija. In 1862, lagos and other british territories in the gold coast, sierra leone and gambia were by a commission dated 19 february 1866, placed under a governor general based in sierra leone. Although nigeria was purported to have gained independence from the british, there were still some vestiges of imperialism in the independence constitution. One of them is that the queen was still the head of state,who was represented by a nigerian. This conference set 1st april 1960 as the date for nigeria s independence.

The purpose of this constitution all amendment was to. Constitutional development in nigeria from 1914 till date. Seeming preference for democracy in africa over other governance systems in africa before and after independence 1517 1. Historical development of the nigerian constitution. On this page you can read or download political and constitutional development in nigeria pdf download in pdf format. A nationwide general election was held to the federal house of representatives in april 1959. Other governance systems in the postindependence era and their unique features, if any. Opinion a consideration of the constitutional transition and development in nigeria, from the pre independence constitutions which include the 1922 clifford constitution, 1946 richards. The place and role of african youth in preindependence african governance systems 19 20 1. The nigerian educated elite formed the chunk of those that pressured him to institute the constitution amendment. This constitution introduce the elective principle into nigeria. It is to be noted that reference to the nigerian constitution unless otherwise specifically stated is reference to the 1999 constitution as amended since that is the current nigeria constitution. This constitution shall have the force of law throughout nigeria and, subject to the provisions of section 4 of this constitution, if any other law including the constitution of a region is inconsistent with this constitution, this constitution shall prevail and the other law shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be void. No party won an overall majority, and so the npc and ncnc agreed to form a coalition government, while the ag became the opposition party.

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